RN and Jackie

Jackie Robinson supported Vice President Richard Nixon during the 1960 presidential election and in 1962 wrote: “if the election was tomorrow, I would still vote for you.”

A letter written by Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson to RN at his campaign headquarters in Los Angeles, California reveals an unexpected political friendship.

“Your letters always reaffirm the high regard I hold for you,” Robinson, then Vice President and Director of Personnel at Chock Full o’Nuts, wrote. “I say this because of my sincere belief that you would have lived up to all the things I believed about you, and I am firmly convinced that the best thing that can happen to us as American Negroes is a big Negro vote for you in California and for Governor Rockefeller in New York.”

Jackie Robinson became an avid admirer of RN because of his civil rights record in the 1950s while Vice President in the Eisenhower administration. During the 1960 campaign, Robinson supported and campaigned for the Nixon-Lodge ticket on grounds that Vice President Nixon had a stronger record on civil rights than Senator John F. Kennedy. On many occasions, the baseball great and RN exchanged correspondence and praise for one another.

The letter for which Robinson demonstrated his continued support of RN can be seen here: