The Nixon Foundation announced last Friday the online companion of the Richard Nixon Centennial exhibit, Patriot. President. Peacemaker at NIXON100.ORG:

The new web exhibit is a journey through Richard Nixon’s life that shows him as a man who rose from humble beginnings to become the 37th President.

The Richard Nixon Centennial exhibit, Patriot. President. Peacemaker opened February 15 in Yorba Linda and worldwide through a new online experience at

In the interactive online exhibit, guests will be immersed in the life of America’s 37th President; experiencing the challenges and victories of Richard Nixon not only during his time as President, but his life in its entirety, from his humble beginnings in Yorba Linda, to his post-presidential life as an elder statesman.

Online visitors will be guided through the five key chapters of President Nixon’s life that define his legacy, How American, In the Arena, Creating a Just Society, Peacemaker of His Time, and Global Elder Statesman.

The site is the first Presidential Library exhibit designed to be enjoyed on a tablet device.

With the swipe of a finger, visitors can scroll through a timeline of President Nixon’s life and experience photos and videos featured in the Centennial exhibit.

The approach is to give online visitors an up-close and personal experience with the centennial pieces.

As users navigate the virtual experience they can pinpoint where they would be in the physical exhibit, closing the gap between the virtual and personal experience.