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Monday, October 23, 2017

“Nixon and Europe,” A Lecture with Luke Nichter


Luke Nichter

Lecture and Book Signing

White House Tapes expert and author of Richard Nixon and Europe: The Reshaping of the Postwar Atlantic World

Free Event Admission

The U.S.-European relationship remains the closest and most important alliance in the world. Since 1945, successive American presidents each put their own touches on transatlantic relations, but the literature has reached only into the presidency of Lyndon Johnson (1963-9).

This first study of transatlantic relations during the era of Richard Nixon shows a complex, turbulent period during which the postwar period came to an end, and the modern era came to be on both sides of the Atlantic in terms of political, economic, and military relations.

Luke A. Nichter is an Associate Professor of History at Texas A&M University – Central Texas, and a noted expert on the Nixon tapes. His current book project is Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. and the Decline of the Eastern Establishment, to be published by Yale University Press. Luke is also the co-author, with Douglas Brinkley, of the New York Times bestseller The Nixon Tapes: 1971-1972 and sequel volume, entitled The Nixon Tapes: 1973.
Luke is a former founding Executive Producer of C-SPAN’s American History TV and his work has appeared in or has been reported on by the New York Times, Washington Post, Vanity Fair, and the Associated Press. His website,, offers free access to all 3,000 hours of publicly released Nixon tapes as a public service.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Endgame in Pyongyang: The U.S., China, and the Politics of the Korean Peninsula


In his speech to the United Nations on September 24, President Donald Trump said that de-nuclearization was the only acceptable future for Premier Kim Jong Un’s future as leader of North Korea. U.S. forces are committed to protecting Asian allies including Seoul and Tokyo, while Beijing wants to maintain influence and keep stability on its neighboring Korean Peninsula. What are America and China’s defense and diplomatic options? How will the North Korean nuclear crisis shape the future of bilateral relations between the U.S. and China?


Bruce Bennett
Bruce W. Bennett is a senior international/defense researcher at the RAND Corporation who works primarily on research topics such as strategy, force planning, and counterproliferation within the RAND International Security and Defense Policy Center and the RAND Arroyo Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program. Bennett received his B.S. in economics from the California Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in policy analysis from the Pardee RAND Graduate School.

Marco Milani
Marco Milani is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Korean Studies Institute, University of Southern California. He researches securitisation on the Korean Peninsula.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Meet Lee Edwards

Lee Edwards (1)


Lecture and Book Signing

Author of Just Right: A Life in Pursuit of Liberty

Lee Edwards is the preeminent historian of the conservative movement. But as this riveting memoir makes clear, he has not simply observed conservatism as a detached scholar; he has been active on the national stage longer than any other conservative in America.
Since committing his life to pro-freedom and anticommunist efforts as a young man in 1956, he has been present at nearly every major event of the modern conservative movement. In his tireless pursuit of liberty, Dr. Edwards has combined politics, policy, and philosophy.
Lee Edwards’s memoir appears at a critical time in the history of American conservatism. In an inspiring final chapter aimed at the rising generation, Dr. Edwards shows how conservatives can remain a major political and philosophical force in America.

He is the distinguished fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation, is a leading historian of American conservatism and the author or editor of 25 books.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Panel Discussion: Emmett Till

Panel Discussion: Emmett Till


  • Devery Anderson, author of Emmett Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement
  • Wheeler Parker, cousin of Emmett Till and eyewitness to Till’s kidnapping
  • Alex Foster, executive producer of the upcoming mini series based on Anderson’s book
  • Frank Gannon (moderator), former White House Special Assistant to President Nixon

Devery Anderson offers the first truly comprehensive account of the 1955 murder and its aftermath.

It tells the story of Emmett Till, the fourteen-year-old African American boy from Chicago brutally lynched for a harmless flirtation at a country store in the Mississippi Delta. Anderson utilizes documents that had never been available to previous researchers, such as the trial transcript, long-hidden depositions by key players in the case, and interviews given by Carolyn Bryant to the FBI in 2004 (her first in fifty years), as well as other recently revealed FBI documents. Anderson also interviewed family members of the accused killers, most of whom agreed to talk for the first time, as well as several journalists who covered the murder trial in 1955.

This book will stand as the definitive work on Emmett Till for years to come.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Collegiate Forum: Debate on Constitutionality of the Independent Counsel

Collegiate Forum 11.06


The Nixon Foundation in collaboration with US Vigilance will bring together top students from California’s preeminent colleges and universities for the third Collegiate Forum which will prompt a timely competition of ideas concerning a few pressing issues which face the Millennial generation.

Proposition: Since President Nixon, most modern presidents have been subject to an independent or special counsels, investigating suspected wrongdoing in the Executive Branch. Does this counsel assure a fair and non-partisan judicial process, or does it interfere in the separation of powers?

Discussion: Special counsels have existed since the Grant administration, and have been appointed to investigate the executive branch during the Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush and now Trump administrations. Supporters claim that these counsels assure a fair, non-partisan, and independent judicial investigation process, and uphold the principle that no one is above the law. The political control of the executive over the Justice Department—and the dominance Presidents exert over their administrations—require that investigations into executive wrongdoing have the independence and protection of special counsels.

However, opponents believe all prosecutorial power is vested within the Executive Branch, and Congress has the constitutional authority to investigate and, if necessary, impeach the President for high crimes and misdemeanors. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in his dissent in Morrison v. Olson (1988), held that special counsels violate the equilibrium of separation of powers, “which is the absolutely central guarantee to a just government.” Furthermore, a government official with as broad and unceasing investigatory powers as an independent counsel may impede the energy of the executive branch, which as Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist Papers was “the leading character in the definition of good government” and “steady administration of the laws.”

Are independent counsels necessary to effectively investigate the Executive Branch? Or do they threatened the separation of powers of the Constitution?Welcome to – your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush In Conversation


West Coast Launch of “Sisters First: Stories from Our Wild and Wonderful Life”

Join First Daughters Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush for the West Coast launch of Sisters First: Stories From our Wild and Wonderful Life, their new joint memoir, at the Nixon Library on Tues, Nov 7 at 7:30 PM.

The First Daughters will take you on their humorously revealing, life-defining journey through the White House fishbowl and beyond. They’ll share special memories and personal insights about their famous family, their unique roles as both presidential children and grandchildren, and their special bond as sisters. It’s a celebration of sisterhood you won’t want to miss!

Each ticket includes admission to the program, one autographed book ($28 value) and access to the library’s galleries, gardens and grounds.

To attend the President’s Council VIP reception, please contact to become a President’s Council member.

Early bird ticket sales end August 18th.


Jenna Bush Hager
is a correspondent on NBC’s Today Show and an editor-at-large for Southern Living magazine. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope, written after she served as an intern with UNICEF in Latin America. She also co-authored the children’s books Our Great Big Backyard and Read All About It! with her mother. She lives with her husband and two daughters in New York.

Barbara Pierce Bush is the CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps, an organization that mobilizes a global community of young leaders to build the movement for health equity. GHC has mobilized almost one thousand young leaders who believe health is a human right and who take an innovative approach to solving some of the world’s biggest global health challenges. Previously, Barbara worked at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, and Red Cross Children’s Hospital in South Africa, and interned with UNICEF in Botswana.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hanukkah Celebration


Featuring Special Guest BEN STEIN

Program Featuring: Community Menorah Candle Lighting • Curtain Call Orchestra • Voces di Oro, Orange Jews • The Snappy Tappers • Children’s Choirs of Temple Beth Tikvah & Temple Beth Ohr

18001 Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda, CA 92886

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2017 | 10:00 AM

Doors Open at 9:00 AM

Free Program (Pre-Registration Required)

Holiday Tours available for an additional fee


Contact Nicole Parsons • (714) 364-1184