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The Richard Nixon Foundation is in the process of developing an innovative educational institution characterized by contemporary features. It will offer unparalleled immersive experiences and virtual programs designed to empower the upcoming generation of American students with a comprehensive understanding of citizenship rights and responsibilities, as well as insights into the functioning of the U.S. government. This initiative is particularly urgent, given the persistent marginalization of civics within the American education system, which poses a threat to the foundational principles of our republic. 

America is at a crossroads


America faces a critical challenge: the neglect and marginalization of civics education in its schools over the past forty years. This has resulted in a generation heavily influenced by social media, shaping their understanding of American rights and responsibilities. Consequently, most high school students lack fundamental knowledge of American democracy, including crucial documents such as the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, as well as the functions of federal, state, and local governments.

Alarmingly, the federal government allocates only $0.05 per student annually to civics education, a stark contrast to the annual $54 investment per student in STEM subjects, as reported by the Institute for Citizens & Scholars.

$40 million



$26.5 million


The Nixon Foundation is set to initiate significant capital improvements aimed at broadening our educational influence. This endeavor encompasses a quadrupling of our educational exhibition space, the preservation of President Nixon’s iconic Marine One helicopter and the presidential limousine, and the establishment of an immersive, hands-on American Civics Center. This transformative initiative is designed to cater to the educational needs of students, scholars, and researchers on a global scale.

Special Exhibition Hall


American Civics Center


Campaign Leadership

The Richard Nixon Foundation
Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Jim Byron, President & CEO
The American Civics Campaign 
 Finance Committee Members
Alex Bowie, Co-Chair
Charlie Zhang, Co-Chair

Barbara Bowie
Jim Burra
Jo Ellen Chatham
Vicki and Michael Crow
Massy Farzine
Ginny and Dave Hanna
Patricia Houston
Ken Khachigian

Nikan Khatibi
Parmis Khatibi
Jolynn and Pat Mahoney
Meghan McNulty
Rick Muth
Steve Pizula
Oliver Schwab
Bruce Whelihan

Naming Opportunities


$10 Million Gift

The American Civics Center Building and Atrium

$3 Million Gift

Funded by Barbara and Alex Bowie

Nixon Library Entry Plaza

$2 Million Gift

Funded by Ling and Charlie Zhang

Cafe and Dining Area

$1 Million Gift

Immersive interactive educational modules

$1 Million Gift

Individual educational rooms within the American Civics Center

$1 Million Gift

Scholarships and transportation “yellow bus” fund

$500,000 Gift

Marine One helicopter display and restoration

$250,000 Gift 

Funded by Vicki and Michael Crow

Presidential Limousine display and restoration
Senator Nixon’s Woodie display and restoration

“The Nixon Library is a vital educational asset in Orange County, so we are thrilled to support its planned expansion. In particular, The American Civics Campaign will positively impact our youth and comes at this critical time when the understanding and appreciation of the American Constitution and basic civics is declining. Barbara and I are thrilled to be able to support this worthy endeavor.”

Barbara and Alex Bowie
$3 Million Contributors

“We are honored to support the American Civics Campaign because, as President Nixon once said, we believe in the American dream because we have seen it come true in our own lives. We want to inspire the next generation of peacemakers, leaders and visionaries embracing their own American dreams and giving back to the country that made it possible.”

Charlie and Ling Zhang
$2 Million Contributors

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