In 1946 a 32-year old lawyer, just months home from WWII service in the South Pacific, unseated a four-time incumbent congressman to launch his political career.

Seventy years later, the Presidential Library and Museum named for that man will see its shining moment. 

President Nixon's grandson Christopher Nixon Cox, RN’s brother Edward Nixon and former top advisor to President George W. Bush, Karl Rove helped kick off the construction of the new museum on January 9, what would have been RN's 103rd birthday.

“The promise of what this library will be is phenomenal,” Cox said. “Visitors will be able to experience a dramatic presentation of Richard Nixon’s very dramatic life and understand how consequential his life and presidency are to us and to the world today.”

The festivities marked the launch of the next phase of the Richard Nixon legacy fundraising campaign to support civic education programs, digital research and learning, educational outreach and new programming initiatives.