More than 300 artifacts — many never before displayed

Cambodia Address Map

In his televised special address to the nation on April 30, 1970, President Nixon used this map to explain his reasons for sending troops into Cambodia.

Paris Peace Accords Signing Pen
The first pen used by Secretary of State William Rogers to sign the agreement to end the War in Vietnam.

POW Handmade American Flag
American flag made out of fabric remnants by Col. John A. Dramesi and other captive Prisoners of War during his six years as a POW in Hanoi. It was presented to President Nixon by Col. Dramesi and displayed at the White House POW dinner on May 24, 1973.

Moon Rock
Sample of moon rock from the Apollo 15 mission.

Moon Call Telephone
The telephone President Nixon used to make the historic phone call to the first humans to walk on the moon from the Oval Office.

Apollo 11 and Apollo 16 Space Suits
Replicas of space suits worn by astronauts on the first and penultimate moon landings.

Manganese Nodules
Gathered by the Glomar Explorer during its attempt to recover a sunken Soviet submarine in 1974. Courtesy of the CIA Museum.

Mrs. Nixon’s China Banquet Dress
The dress Mrs. Nixon wore to a State Banquet on February 21, 1972 during the President’s historic visit to the People’s Republic of China. Designed by Adele Simpson, one of Mrs. Nixon’s favorite designers.

Banquet at the Great Hall of the People – Invitation and Menu
A formal banquet in the Great Hall of the People was held the February 21, 1972 — the first evening of Nixon’s visit, following his meeting with Chairman Mao and his first plenary session with Zhou Enlai.

Uher 5000 Recording Machine
The tapes recorded by the White House taping system — collecting 3,500 hours of audio over the two years the system was active — could be reviewed on a Uher 5000 like this one.

1972 Election Greaseboards
Election night tallies from Nixon’s second Presidential election victory, November 7, 1972.

Tricia Nixon Cox’s Wedding Gown
Wedding gown wore by Tricia Nixon during her wedding held in the White House Rose Garden. Wedding gown by Priscilla of Boston.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower’s Maid of Honor Gown
Green and lavender dress and garden-style green hat designed by Priscilla of Boston for Tricia Nixon’s White House wedding.

Pat Nixon’s Mother-of-the-Bride Gown
Flowered dress designed by Priscilla of Boston with pastel-colored flower appliques on sheer, silk chiffon and pink strap shoes.

Whittier College Letterman’s Jacket
Nixon wrote that “the only times [he] got to play were in the last few minutes of the game that was already safely won or hopelessly lost,” but he loved the game and the camaraderie of the team.

Richard Nixon’s Law Office Desk
When Dick Nixon began his first job as an attorney, he worked at a desk he had built with his father in the Nixon family’s garage. The top was a door. Frank Nixon was proud of the tall side shelves he designed especially to hold his son’s law books.

Richard Nixon’s Navy Uniform
Lieutenant Nixon served from June 1942 until he resigned his commission at the start of 1946 and received a Navy Letter of Commendation for his service in the South Pacific Combat Air Transport Command.

Black Top Hat
The top hat Richard Nixon wore during the 1953 Inaugural, his first as Vice President.

Caracas Bullets
Preserved by James D. Hughes, who served as military aide to Vice President Nixon beginning in 1957, the bullets and glass fragment are a memento of the violence that broke out during Nixon’s 1958 visit to Caracas, Venezuela when his car was attacked and nearly overturned.