The new website and app will give students, academics and authors unprecedented access to the complete story of Richard Nixon

YORBA LINDA, Calif – (October 11, 2016) – The Richard Nixon Foundation today announced a new mobile-first website and app that will allow millions of students, historians, academics and authors from around the world to experience the New Nixon Library and Museum and access volumes of customized images, documents, video and audio tapes directly from their mobile devices or computers.

Available in English, Spanish and Mandarin, the new website at, created, designed and built by The Woo, and the app, developed by Cortina Productions, will both launch Oct. 14 to coincide with the opening ceremony of the New Nixon Library and Museum.

“Our website and app represent a new digital standard in presidential libraries,” said William H. Baribault, president and CEO of the Richard Nixon Foundation. “Our goal is to bring the new museum directly to people unable to visit in person and allow them to discover the full impact of President Nixon’s many accomplishments wherever they are in the world.”

One of the highlights of the website is a new digital Resource Center that allows users to search for and aggregate unfiltered, subject-specific, multi-media content from multiple original sources on their computers or mobile devices. Until now, this disparate information lived on multiple sites and was difficult to find, access and consolidate. The site will eventually allow users to build stylized photo galleries and slide presentations.

“Through our contemporary design esthetic and search strategies, we’ve taken a piece of history and brought it into the modern world,” said Valerie Moizel, executive creative director at The Woo. “This site is built specifically for a whole new generation of young people who have yet to experience the life and legacy of our 37th president.”

In addition, the new website features an interactive journey through the museum giving users a special digital experience that contains much of the content in the physical museum, along with a few surprises.

The Library also has developed a unique app that enhances the in-person experience by integrating the physical and online features of the museum. Guests at the museum can use the app to request additional, more in-depth information on a topic that interests them and have those historical resources and digital artifacts delivered to them via email the same day as their visit.

The app also includes a 60-minute, narrated audio tour of the museum in English, Spanish and Chinese, complete with fully scrollable text, links to the Foundation and National Archives websites and a social page with links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The app will be available for purchase on the App Store or Google Play for $.99.

About the New Museum
The new museum will feature nearly 70 new major exhibits, including an exact replica of President Nixon’s Oval Office and an extensive exhibit on Nixon’s historic trip to China. It will also feature 30 unique multi-media experiences, 11 original films, 12 custom digital interactives, 10 curated archival film sequences, more than 600 photographs, 8,000 square feet of wall murals and more than 300 artifacts.

About the Richard Nixon Foundation
The Richard Nixon Foundation is a privately supported, nonprofit, nonpartisan institution dedicated to discovery, debate, and discussion about Richard Nixon and his influence on today’s world. The Foundation owns the 9-acre campus and buildings comprising the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and museum, and jointly operates the Library and Museum with the National Archives. For more information, call 714-993-5075 or go to

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