Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and wife Callista returned to the Nixon Library on Wednesday, October 19, for a special East Room talk. Before a full house of over 700, Gingrich payed homage to Richard Nixon’s political career and accomplishments while offering insider analysis of the current presidential election. Before his talk, Mr. Gingrich toured the newly renovated exhibits at the Nixon Library.

“Those of you who have not been through the library, you have to go,” said Gingrich. “It is remarkable and brought back so many memories.”

Gingrich spoke at length of Nixon’s lasting impact, bringing the captivated audience through a tour of the 37th president’s illustrious political career while praising his strategic acumen:

“Nixon’s great strength was that he was the most intellectual president in my lifetime. He could think through strategically what he had to get done, and he could figure out ways to move to get it done. And he had a very methodical sense of where the country needed to go and how to move the country.”

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