February 10, 2017: When a new President of the United States is inaugurated, what tools does he use and what strategies does he employ to accomplish his vision and policy goals for the country – and the world?

A revealing presentation featuring senior White House national security officials, as well as noted Cold War historians, sheds light on these crucial aspects of leadership and statecraft – and how they continue to impact every American today.

White House National Security aides and Cold War scholars discuss President Nixon’s statesmanship, and how he envisioned America’s role as world leader, and its relations with other great powers.

Topics include the evolution of RN’s thinking on foreign policy and governing philosophy, and how he ultimately dealt with the global challenges of the time — from the opening of China, and arms control and detente with the Soviet Union, to the end of the Vietnam War and establishing a road map for Middle East peace.

Panelists from left to right include Winston Lord, Richard V. Allen, Niall Ferguson, Luke Nichter, and moderator Gregory Daddis.

[youtube https://youtu.be/mKo4ZgHPCCA]