Published at The New York Post on June 2, 2017:

OPINION: The warnings Nixon would give Trump

By Monica Crowley

Since his dramatic ride down the escalator to announce his candidacy for president, Donald Trump has attracted comparisons to President Richard Nixon.

Some have been positive and striking: The scrappy Republican fighter who outmaneuvers all competitors with a savvy appeal to the forgotten “great silent majority” — including disaffected Democrats — thereby creating a new popular movement. The political self-made man who bypasses the elites, enraging them. The iconoclast with a vision that matched the moment. Other common threads have been less flattering: The man sensitive to attacks, real and perceived. The burgeoning investigations. A high-profile firing. The appointment of a special counsel. Top aides in the crosshairs. A braying media. A suggestion of White House tapes. Impeachment chatter.

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