Luke Nichter discussed President Nixon’s vision for NATO and Transatlantic Relations on October 23, 2017. (Richard Nixon Foundation).

Luke Nichter is the author of “Richard Nixon and Europe: The Reshaping of the Postwar Atlantic World.”

Historian Luke Nichter talked to a Nixon Library audience about President Nixon’s policy towards Europe. Topics included Nixon’s vision for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the ending of the Gold Standard and the Bretton Woods System, U.S. Cold War policy, and bilateral relations with Great Britain and France.

Luke Nichter is professor of history at Texas A&M University Central Texas, and noted expert on the Nixon White House taping system. He is a former founding executive producer of C-SPAN’s American History TV. His website,, offers free access to the publicly released Nixon tapes as a public service. Nichter is the co-author with Douglas Brinkley of the volume of bestsellers on the Nixon Tapes, and “Richard Nixon and Europe: The Reshaping of the Postwar Atlantic World.”

Program Highlights:

– Richard Nixon’s experience and education in Europe as member of a special Congressional Commission in 1947.

– The repurposing of the NATO alliance for a “social dimension.”

– The role of urban affairs advisory Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the reshaping of policy towards Europe.

– The application of the “Nixon Doctrine” to Europe.

– Detente with the Soviet Union, the Berlin Agreement, and arms limitation.

– The foreign policy implications of ending the Bretton Woods system, and the ending of the Gold Standard.

– The bilateral relations with France in the area of defense, and President Nixon’s relationships with French Presidents Charles de Gaulle and Georges Pompidou.

– The Year of Europe (1973)

– Great Britian’s integration in the European Community.

Further Reading:

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