On September 4, the Richard Nixon Foundation welcomed Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of Fox News’  Justice with Judge Jeanine, for a talk on her newly released book and the importance of the upcoming midterm elections.

At the beginning her remarks to a crowd of over 600 people in the Nixon Library’s magnificent White House East Room, Judge Pirro talked about her tour of the newly renovated Nixon Library, and her renewed respect for President Nixon’s legacy:

I think that it’s only when we look back and realize that the loud noises, the cacophony, really is irrelevant to the theme and the work that this man did. And as we go forward I think it is extremely important to recognize the contributions that he made.

Richard Nixon was a man who believed that the [Vietnam] War should be ended and he ended it. He ended the draft. He believed in civil rights – more schools were desegregated when he left in the ‘70s than at any time before.

And as someone who has had cancer [. . .] what I didn’t know was President Nixon gave $100 million toward research toward a cure for cancer.

President Nixon was also someone – and I have visited Israel five times – and I was not aware that in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War, Richard Nixon was of so much assistance that Golda Meir said that Israel would not have survived but for Richard Nixon’s support.

Who remembered that?!

And so, as we watch the hearings of Brett Kavanaugh . . . Richard Nixon put FOUR justices on the Supreme Court: Blackman, Brennan, Powell, and Rehnquist.  All of them against judicial activism.

The man was a great president.