General H.R. McMaster

on the

Challenge of America’s Endless Wars

In one of his first public appearances since leaving the Trump Administration, General H.R. McMaster spoke at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library about the challenges facing our National Security today, and the progress we have made toward realizing President Nixon’s vison for a “generation of peace.”

General McMaster, who served as National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump, was joined by scholars Richard Kohn and Beth Bailey on a panel moderated by Gregory Daddis of Chapman University’s War and Society program.

The panelists discussed the American foreign policy in a post-9/11 era, and the nearly two decades of war that have shaped our National Security and spanned three presidential administrations.

The panelists discussed the relative merits of an all-volunteer force, disputed the definitions of modern warfare, and questioned the need for more clearly defined goals for both policy and military leaders.