The Richard Nixon Foundation was featured at Politicon, the “Unconventional Political Convention”

For the first time, the Richard Nixon Foundation had a booth at the 4th annual Politicon Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Politicon is an annual bi-partisan convention for political junkies. In the center of this crowd of politicos, thought leaders, and future voices from both parties was a prominent display from the Richard Nixon Foundation — and a compelling message that it is time to take another look at our 37th president’s accomplishments and legacy.

The Foundation’s booth occupied some prime heavy-trafficked real estate — near the Washington Post and MSNBC booths.

As an all-but-irresistible loss leader, the Foundation brought President Nixon’s Presidential Limousine — and, sure enough, it was the backdrop for many TV interviews and countless photos and selfies.

Another photo op was the chance stand alongside RN at a podium — as Fox 11’s Elex Michaelson did during a live broadcast.


Watch his live coverage from the podium at our booth here.

This year, the attendance reached 20,000 — many of them millennials — who paid up to $100 to spend two days rubbing shoulders with much of the A-List of contemporary political commentators and practitioners.


Among the 200+ speakers were such diverse names as Ben Stein, Ben Shapiro, Ben Rhodes, Chris Christie, Dan Bongino, James Carville, David Frum, Guy Benson, Henry Winkler, Joy Reid, Tucker Carlson, and Cenk Uygur.

Photos of the Presidential Limousine and the RNF booth are below.