Tucker Carlson Tonight

Broadcast from the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Lecture with Audience Q & A

One of cable television’s most prominent voices visited the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, which served as the backdrop to his primetime show Tucker Carlson Tonight

After concluding the broadcast, Carlson was met by a large crowd of fans for a lecture in the beautiful East Room.

Carlson, a California native, also toured the newly renovated museum for the first time and gained a new appreciation for our 37th president.

With his signature sarcastic wit, Carlson said “You know, it never occurred to me a single time to think about everything that happened during the Nixon presidency. I mean not major stuff, just like, you know — ending the Vietnam War. Stuff like that. Putting a man on the moon.” Carlson joked. “The kind of parenthetical things that happened. Like opening up China to the world.”

To watch the live broadcast click here. To watch the lecture and Q&A click here.