“I was born in a house my father built.”

– President Richard Nixon



Drop right into RN’s original, humble birthplace —on the grounds of the Nixon Presidential Library— by navigating this all-new, just-released virtual tour!

Step through the front door, click and see:

— The dining table at which the Nixons enjoyed dinner every night, the same table at which RN said he learned to debate

— The bedroom in which RN was born, on a cold, stormy January 9, 1913

— Hannah Nixon’s china and cookware collection, including her favorite White House Recipes cookbook!

— The upstairs bedroom in which RN and his three brothers lived, studied and slept — only available to tour right here online!

Frank Nixon built this modest farmhouse in 1912 on his family’s nine-acre Yorba Linda citrus ranch. The family lived there until 1922, selling the home and the property and moving to nearby Whittier, California to open a grocery market.

Richard Nixon is the only native-born Californian to become President of the United States.