Yesterday the Nixon Foundation was honored to have House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and former National Security Advisor and Co-Chair of the Nixon Seminar Robert O’Brien speak in the East Room of the Nixon Library.

Nixon Foundation President Hugh Hewitt led a discussion in front of hundreds of Foundation members and supporters who listened to Leader McCarthy and Ambassador O’Brien discuss the withdrawal from Afghanistan, America’s standing in the world and the foreign policy agenda of the House Republicans. 

Prior to this discussion, Leader McCarthy was given a tour of the Nixon Library including the special exhibit, “The Presidents Club,” where he and Ambassador O’Brien were able to see letters exchanged between former President Nixon and future President Trump. 

When speaking about his tour of the museum, Leader McCarthy recalled memories of visiting the Nixon Library on the weekend it was dedicated in July 1990 and expressed his thoughts on the historical relevance the presidential library offers. “When you think of the challenges of the future… this is where we should bring members of Congress to study,.” McCarthy said. 

If you weren’t able to tune in yesterday, you can view the full livestream here: