On March 28th, historian Dr. Irwin F. Gellman joined Dr. Luke Nichter, the James H. Cavanaugh Endowed Chair in Presidential Studies at Chapman University, to discuss his latest book on the 1960 presidential election between Vice President Richard Nixon and Senator John F. Kennedy. 

Gellman has devoted 25 years of work to researching Richard Nixon and this is his third book that covers his pre-presidential political career. Campaign of the Century presents a fresh, engaging chronicle that shatters long-held myths and reveals the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates. 

Gellman and Nichter discussed the critics’ reviews of his book then went on to dispel some of the most common myths and misunderstandings surrounding the often-talked about campaign. Gelllman emphasized the importance of questioning perceptions that have never been challenged. As he describes, “What I did was not so much to record what I personally thought but what the record showed and the record showed something quite different from what’s been published.”

The event was live streamed on C-SPAN.

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