On April 21st, the Nixon Library hosted former Attorney General William Barr as he discussed his #1 New York Times bestselling memoir, One Damn Thing After Another. Christopher Nixon Cox, Nixon Foundation Board Member and grandson of President Nixon, introduced William Barr.

In his opening remarks, Cox noted that Barr holds an unique distinction in American history by serving as attorney general twice under two different presidential administrations separated by 25 years.

Professor Matt Parlow, Executive Vice President of Chapman University, moderated the discussion, highlighting the partnership the Nixon Foundation has established with Chapman University.

Parlow started the discussion by asking Barr what led him out of retirement to accept the position of attorney general for a second time. Lead by a sense of service, Barr described that he believed we were “at a critical juncture in our history.” 

The conversation included candid accounts of working for Presidents George H.W. Bush and Donald J. Trump. Barr’s ethos for running the Department of Justice, first described to him by President Bush, was “the best politics at the D.O.J. is no politics at the D.O.J.” In other words, his job was making sure there is one standard of justice for everyone. 

From key policy issues on civil rights and violent crime to insightful details about the Russia investigation and the 2020 election, Barr covered over 25 years of history while looking ahead to what can restore America in the future. 

Signed copies of One Damned Thing After Another are available for purchase at the Nixon Library Gift Shop and online. 

View the presentation here: