The Nixon Foundation hosted its first in-person Nixon Seminar on Conservative Realism and National Security on Tuesday evening. Seminar Co-chairs Secretary Michael Pompeo and Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien joined moderator Mary Kissel and Seminar members Elbridge Colby, Christopher Nixon Cox, Dr. Monica Crowley and Kimberly Reed to discuss foreign policy in front of a live audience in the East Room of the Nixon Library. Seminar members Congressman Mike Gallagher and Alex Wong virtually participated in the discussion.

The War in the Ukraine has been a clarifying moment on the global stage igniting a catalyst for countries to look at national security through different lenses including energy, technology and economics. With a tour around the world, the Seminar discussion focused on emerging hotspots and opportunities that America should seize on as core elements of a long-term national foreign policy.

While current headlines tend to focus on war and destruction, the evening’s discussion focused on the positive opportunities that can emerge from the current geopolitical landscape. Many Seminar members noted how President Nixon serves as a model for visionary and strategic thinking in foreign policy. The Nixon Administration provided examples of having the vision to try to achieve what others say can’t be done.

In describing emerging opportunities, Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien remarked, “In this new era of authoritarianism/ totalitarianism vs. democracy and the rule of law, I don’t think there’s room to sit on the sidelines.” Seminar participants went on to discuss how America can be a strategic leader in getting countries off the sidelines by turning problems into opportunities.

The Nixon Seminar is a monthly gathering of senior statesmen and rising specialists in various aspects of great power competition and American national security. It convenes the first Tuesday of each month to discuss issues of current and continuing importance to the nation’s interests abroad.

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