Marking the 50th anniversary year of President Nixon’s historic 1972 trips to China and the Soviet Union, the Richard Nixon Foundation launched the inaugural Grand Strategy Summit in Washington, D.C. last week.

National security experts and strategists gathered to formulate an American foreign policy strategy that can apply to all parts of the world and called for a return to the principles of the Nixon-era foreign policy, based in conservative realism, that offer the best example.

Panelists covered the United States’ relationship with China as a major power in the 21st century, weighed the impact and next steps of ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine, and looked to the future of Western influence in the Middle East.


Use the links below to access full transcripts and videos of each session.

Opening Remarks delivered by former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State, Dr. Henry A. Kissinger

Former National Security Adviser and Nixon Foundation Chairman Robert C. O’Brien in-conversation with Board Member Hugh Hewitt

The China Challenge: Taiwan, Hong Kong and The CCP Panel with William Barr, Jude Blanchette, Matt Pottinger, and moderated by Margaret Hoover

After the Fall: The United States and China after the Soviet Union with Michael Pillsbury, Patrick M. Cronin, and moderated by Arthur Herman

Keynote remarks by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Cold War 2.0? Russia, Ukraine, and the Western World with Niall Ferguson, Garry Kasparov, Mary Kissel, and moderated by James Hohmann

A Nuclear Middle East: Preventing Proliferation with Jon Alterman, Morgan Ortagus, and moderated by Elbridge Colby