Statement from Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien
Chairman of the Board of Directors 

On behalf of the Richard Nixon Foundation, I am delighted to extend our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Henry A. Kissinger on his 100th birthday.

For well over half his life, Dr. Kissinger has devoted himself to advancing the national interests of the United States and the cause of peace and freedom in the world.

As the nation’s seventh National Security Advisor, Dr. Kissinger played a vital role in carrying out President Nixon’s visionary foreign policy. As America’s 56th Secretary of State, and in all the years since, his wise counsel has been sought out by presidents and other senior American leaders. When confronting the most difficult foreign policy issues facing the United States, they invariably turned to Dr. Kissinger for his perspective and advice. During my own tenure as National Security Advisor, I found his insight and wealth of experience to be invaluable resources.

Even as he marks the centennial of his birth, Henry Kissinger remains in the arena as one of the foremost voices on the nation’s crucial national security and foreign policy issues. All of us at the Richard Nixon Foundation salute him for his service and wish him the very best as he celebrates this landmark birthday.