On September 7, Presidential Historian and New York Times bestselling author Luke Nichter presented his newly released book, The Year that Broke Politics: Collusion and Chaos in the Presidential Election of 1968 at the Nixon Library.

Appearing in conversation with Nixon Foundation President and CEO Jim Byron, Dr. Nichter presented the key findings of his new book, including new significant conclusions about the Chennault affair and the relationship between Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Extensively researched and deeply rooted in source material, this book offers fresh information on one of the most controversial elections of modern American history. This book stands apart from previous books about this election because Dr. Nichter received cooperation from all four major sides of the 1968 election— Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Richard Nixon and George Wallace. Dr. Nichter was also the last person to interview Anna Chennault and the first researcher to have looked at the Reverend Billy Graham’s diary.

The program aired on C-SPAN.

Watch here:

Signed copies of The Year that Broke Politics can be purchased from the Nixon Library’s Museum Store here.