Bret Baier, bestselling author and Fox News Channel’s Chief Political Anchor returned to the Nixon Library on October 25 to launch his latest bestseller, To Rescue the Constitution: George Washington and the Fragile American Experiment

Before joining a full East Room to be interviewed by Presidential Historian Dr. Luke Nichter, Baier broadcast his Fox News show Special Report live from the Nixon Library.

This is the fifth book written by the self-described history addict, that examines a fragile moment in American history to gain lessons that can be applied today. In To Rescue the Republic, Baier goes back to the earliest days of American history to show examples of strong leadership and finding common ground in the midst of division. 

I think what’s important about history is that we look back at the darkest moments of our country’s history to realize hey, you know what, it might be okay. We’re going to get through this. We are a people that can get through tough times.  -Bret Baier

Another key takeaway from Baier’s book is how the U.S. Constitution continues to stand the test of time as the greatest legal document in the world to provide liberty to a country.  Earlier this year, the Nixon Foundation launched the American Civics Campaign to ensure the enduring promise of the constitution is being taught to future generations.
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