Second Lady Karen Pence returned to the Nixon Library this week to talk about her new book, When It’s Your Turn to Serve: Experiencing God’s Grace in His Calling for Your Life, within a week of its publication. In a world that can often feel chaotic, Mrs. Pence shared that this book is meant to be an encouragement and leave the reader filled with hope. 

The former Second Lady of the US and Former First Lady of Indiana gave personal insight into the life of a political wife and the important role of her faith in providing a sense of service and calling. The book draws from Mrs. Pence’s beekeeping experience using honey bees as a metaphor for being designed for a very specific purpose and equipped with the tools necessary to carry out that purpose. 

At the end of her remarks, Mrs. Pence answered questions from the audience. When asked her advice for someone who wants to get involved in government service, she said, “It is so inspiring for us to see the next generation step up and want to serve and that’s what this book is about.”

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