Sybil Stockdale seated to the left of President Nixon in a 1972 meeting in the Oval Office with the National League of Families.

In May 2023, the Richard Nixon Foundation hosted the official celebration of the 50th anniversary of the repatriation of American Prisoners of War from Vietnam. Sid Stockdale, son of Vice Admiral James Stockdale and Sybil Stockdale, was a special guest of the reunion, attending on behalf of his parents.

The Stockdales are featured in the special exhibit and podcast, CAPTURED: Shot Down in Vietnam.  Admiral Stockdale was the highest-ranking naval officer to be held as a POW (holding the rank of Captain during captivity) and Sybil was co-founder of the National League of Families, an advocacy group dedicated to POWs and their families.

Sid was only eleven years old when his father was shot down. In this bonus episode, he shares his unique experience during the seven years his father was POW as his mother was leading the efforts to bring all of the POWs home.

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