President Nixon’s Yellow Pad Notes on China

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RN Change –

1. We live in period of change –
Shall we be destroyed by it – or shall
We master it.

Japan ready for take off commercially

1. Can’t except dynamic, proud,
Humiliated people – to be economic giant
And military [unintel]

2. Best to provide military nuclear shield –

1. To keep Japan from building its own

2. To have influence for U.S.

1. We oppose Japan “striking out
its hands” to Korea, Taiwan,
Indonesia –

2. But if we don’t have a treaty –
Our recommendation would
Be like “empty cannon!”

1. “Wild Horse” – would not be
Controlled –


1. Trying to “free its hand” in Europe and Mideast
To concentrate elsewhere.

a) Want U.S. hand to be tied down in V.Nam.

2. If U.S. becomes isolationist – “withdraw” from
Asia eg – Soviet will fill the


Be strong so that they respect you –

You can depend – my word is good.


1. [unintel]

2. We shall settle with Hanoi – but
Will not surrender –

3. Will react to their attacks –

4. Would appreciate your
Help – but – would hurt
You with Russia –

Your support [unintel] –

1. Where it conflicts with our
Intents we will respond.

2. We can’t “get out” – but
Others stay in.

Your intents require 2 super powers –
1. Would be dangerous if one.

China will not be carved up.

Mao and RN both have problems with intellectuals.

Sato “Chased off stage of [unintel]”

2 against /
Which 2 – which one –



1) Quote Chou’s unusual statements –

1) Empty Cannon –
Turmoil under Heaven
Spreading their hands out too far

Origins of visit:

1. RN’s Pres statement he would
Like to visit –

Need to make speeches for record

1. No secret deal on Taiwan (after election)

Emotional shift for them
We can’t accept war of Liberation – assisted
From abroad.
Suffering gave them inner confidence and largeness of spirit.
Who comes later? Some ability? Though no tested by trial.
They wanted only normalization
Of relations as subject.
Need for U.S. to act honorably in V.Nam.
No basis for fear U.S. will collude to
Chop of China –

1) Our record is not imperialist in 20th century.

Justice rather than peace –
Champion small countries

1) Distrust great powers –

Honor laid groundwork to turn a page in history
“overthrow the American imperialist and their running dogs.”
Applause join in?
Tipping glasses
New chapter opened by RN and Mao
Our two people are people peoples –
The Social System of our countries differ – but friendship.
World is dangerous – peace not certain.
Japanese on Taiwan (?)
Bilateral issues – our major concern – must be put in world context.


Problem for us on China –

Taiwan – lobby –
India – lobby –

U.S.S.R. – ok –
Japan –
Korea –
Thailand –
Countries who believe this is a
Way to leave Asia.

Need for U.S. to be strong as counter
To Soviet –

1) India shows – if a vacuum
They will fill it.

Appropriate risks for them –

1) U.S. is devil – (Domestic)
2) Leadership in 3rd world – (Soviet attack for Collusion with U.S.)


Time – priority

1) Taiwan – most crucial
2) V.Nam – most urgent
3) Korea –
4) Japan –
5) India
6) U.S.S.R. — (no objection to U.S. relations
With other countries)