Date: August 9, 1972

Time: 1:47 pm – 1:52 pm

Location: Camp David Study Table

The President talked with John D. Ehrlichman.



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Mar-02)

[See Conversation No. 200-17]

Railroad bill

-The President’s talk with John A. Volpe, August 8, 1972

-Charles W. Colson

-Truckers’ reaction



-Economic problems

-Peter M. Flanigan’s opposition

-Deregulation reforms in transportation

-Administrative opposition to bill

-Public reaction

-Help for big business

-Railroad workers

-Economic factors

-Help for big business

-Penn Central Railroad

-Public reaction

-Ehrlichman’s work on bill

-Volpe letter to Harley O. Staggers

Aid to states

-Washington Post report on Elliot L. Richardson

-Richardson’s forthcoming press conference

-Aid lid

-Possible legislation

-Leaks from Department of Health, Education, and Welfare [HEW]

-Distortions in press story

-Richardson’s forthcoming rebuttal

-Richard B. Ogilvie

-Nelson A. Rockefeller