Date: October 7, 1972

Time: 1:03 pm – 1:10 pm

Location: Camp David Study Table

The President talked with H.R. (“Bob”) Haldeman.

[See Conversation No. 217-26]

Radio speech on Federal spending, October 7, 1972

-Alexander P. Butterfield

-Charles W. Colson

-Possibility of additional speeches for radio



-Draft text


-John D. Ehrlichman’s contribution to speech

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

-Comparison to Fireside Chat

-Use of family analogy

-The President’s instructions

-Farm speech

-Farm exports




Tape Subject Log

(rev. Oct-06)

-Special interest groups

-Aid to private schools

-Impact of speech

-Raymond K. Price, Jr.

-The President’s goals for the US





-Property tax relief

-Speech team

-George S. McGovern

-Speeches to live audiences

-Radio speeches

-Compared to live audiences


-Possible numbers of radio listeners


-National defense

-Importance of issue


Republican advertisements for television




-McGovern’s proposals and strategy

-Communists, amnesty, Administration delay in ending war

-Possible response by the Administration