Date: December 29, 1972

Time: 11:55 am – 11:59 am

Location: Camp David Study Table

The President talked with Charles G. (“Bebe”) Rebozo.

[See Conversation No. 237-17]

Rebozo’s schedule

-Meeting with George C. Wallace

-The President’s attempted telephone call to Rebozo


-Rebozo’s mother

-Wallace’s meeting with John N. Mitchell

-Wallace’s view of the President

-The President’s visit with Wallace, May 19, 1972



Tape Subject Log

(rev. May-08)

-Cornelia Wallace

-Wallace’s health


Camp David weather

Thelma C. (“Pat”) Nixon’s schedule


The President’s schedule

-Return to Washington, DC

-Congressional relations



[Begin segment reviewed under deed of gift]

-The President’s visit to Florida

-Rebozo’s possible visit to Camp David

-Julie Nixon Eisenhower’s schedule

Rebozo’s real estate operations

[End segment reviewed under deed of gift]


John and Martha (Beall) Mitchell’s schedule

-The President’s residence in Key Biscayne