Date: August 20, 1972

Time: Unknown between 6:25 pm and 9:45 pm

Location: Camp David Hard Wire

The President met with H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman.

Rose Mary Woods’s schedule

-Marjorie P. Acker

-Laurel Lodge

-Manolo Sanchez

-Speech draft [?]

The President’s forthcoming acceptance speech


-Tanya Savicheva story

-Abraham Lincoln

-The President’s reading of draft

-US defense budget

-US negotiating stance

-Arms limitation

-Opportunity for peace


-Soviet Union

-People’s Republic of China [PRC]

-Domestic programs



-Rural areas


-Welfare reform

-Revenue sharing

-“Peace dividend”

-The President’s televised speech in the Soviet Union


-Religious reference

-The President’s trip to the Soviet Union


-Tanya story

-“New majority”

-Haldeman’s view


-Lincoln quote



Tape Subject Log


-Use by the President in 1960

-Use of passage from previous speeches

-Compared to other religious references

-William F. (“Billy”) Graham

-John K. Andrews, Jr.

The President’s schedule

Haldeman left at an unknown time before 9:45 pm.