Date: August 20, 1972

Time: Unknown between 11:25 am and 12:27 pm

Location: Camp David Hard Wire

The President met with Henry A. Kissinger.

The President’s forthcoming acceptance speech



-Marking of draft

-Kissinger’s proposed changes

-[Previous presidents]





-Alexander M. Haig, Jr.

-Vietnamese elections



Tape Subject Log


-Supervision with Communist participation

-Xuan Thuy

-US troop reduction in South Vietnam

-Problems with withdrawal


-US relationship with allies



-Amnesty for draft evaders

-Concern for Vietnam

-Previous US troop commitment


-Pursuit of foreign policy initiatives

Request to use telephone

Manolo Sanchez entered at an unknown time after 11:25 am.

Instructions about use of outside telephone

Kissinger and Sanchez left at an unknown time before 12:27 pm.