Date: Unknown between October 2 and 3, 1972

Time: Unknown between 10:10 pm, October 2, 1972 and 8:40 am, October 3, 1972

Location: Camp David Hard Wire

Unknown men [Secret Service agents] met.


The President’s schedule

-Use of items

-Return to Camp David

Paging devices

-Number 856 858


An unknown talked with the Camp David operator at an unknown time between 10:10 pm,

October 2 and 8:40 am, October 3, 1972.

[Conversation No. 216-1A]

[See Conversation No. 145-25; one item has been withdrawn]

[End of telephone conversation]

Baltimore office




The conversation was cut off at an unknown time before 8:40 am, October 3, 1972.