Date: November 18, 1972

Time: Unknown between 9:57 am and 10:25 am

Location: Camp David Hard Wire

The President dictated a letter to unknown person.


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1972 election

-The President’s letters

-Ann Duggan, Eddie Dugan

-Guidance to Raymond K. Price, Jr.

-Old friends, celebrities

-First names

-Form letters

The President dicated a letter to Dugan at an unknown time after 9:57 am.

-Dugan’s letter


-The President’s cross country trip in 1934

-Duke University

-Friendship, support

-Mutual friend

-Mendel Silverberg

-1968 and 1972 elections



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Feb.-08)

-1952 and 1956 nominations

-Vice President

-Lunches with the President

-1960 election

-John Kennedy

-Thelma C. (“Pat”) Nixon

-Nancy Dugan

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