Date: November 2, 1972

Time: 9:38 am – 9:45 am

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Raymond K. Price, Jr.

[See Conversation no. 376-18]

The President’s speech on foreign policy

-Taping session


The President’s schedule

-Speech on goals




Tape Subject Log

(rev. Oct-06)


The President’s speech on foreign policy


-Quality of material

-Cuts in quantity





-Public reaction

-Reductions in text


-Rebuttal to George S. McGovern

-International peace

-Support for the President


-A documentary


-Word count

-Price’s talk with William D. Carruthers


-Appeal for support

-The President’s talk with John Cardinal Krol

-Krol’s speech at Auschwitz

International relations

-Jews and Arabs

-Pakistanis and Indians

-Germans and French



-Economic points

-The President’s changes

-Henry A. Kissinger’s recommendations


-Forthcoming meeting with Price