Date: October 22, 1972

Time: 7:48 pm – 7:54 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Alexander M. Haig, Jr.

Haig’s possible meeting with Anatoliy F. Dobrynin


-New car


-Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]

-Yuli M. Vorontsov

-Possible meeting


-Haig’s view

-The President’s view


-Forthcoming meeting with Haig

1972 election

-George S. McGovern

-Statements on Vietnam peace negotiations

-The President’s view

-Allegations about Nguyen Van Thieu’s future

-The President’s reaction

-Possible response

-Charles W. Colson

-The President’s view



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Oct-06)


-Peace settlement

-Importance of public relations

-Henry A. Kissinger’s schedule

-Return to US


-Talk with the President

-Meeting with Haig

-Return to Paris



-North Vietnamese negotiators

-Assurances from US

-Peace settlement

-The President’s view

-US position

-Cambodia, Laos, May 8, 1972 decision

-Possible Kissinger trip to Hanoi and bombing halt

-The President’s view

-North Vietnam’s situation

-Haig’s view

-Leaks from Hanoi

-Dobrynin’s forthcoming meeting with Haig

-William P. Rogers

-Haig’s briefing

-Ellsworth F. Bunker’s cables

-Leaks from the State Department

-The president’s instructions


-Bombing halt

-Rogers’s view