Date: November 4, 1972

Time: 10:34 – 10:36 am

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Howard H. Baker, Jr.

[See Conversation No. 389-11P]



[Begin segment reviewed under deed of gift]

1972 election

-Baker’s campaign

-The President’s support

-The President’s schedule

-Forthcoming trip to Tennessee

-Peace with honor

-US Strength

-Economic prosperity

-War, inflation




-Prisoners of War [POWs]

-South Vietnam’s self-determination



-George S. McGovern’s charges

-The President’s Campaign

-Margin in Tennessee

– 29 –


Tape Subject Log

(rev. June-07)

-Baker’s recent conversation with John D. Ehrlichman

-Baker’s estimate

-House of Representatives candidates

-Baker’s forthcoming calls

[End segment reviewed under deed of gift]