Date: November 7, 1972

Time: 8:21 pm – 8:24 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman.

1972 election

-The President’s recent conversation with Charles W. Colson


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1972 election

-Landslide victory


-Columbia Broadcasting Company [CBS]


-Louie B. Nunn


-S. Fletcher Thompson

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Tape Subject Log

(rev. June-07)


-Possible call to Nunn

-The President’s schedule


-William L. Scott



-Projection for the President

-American Broadcasting Company [ABC] projection

-CBS Projection



-National Broadcasting Company [NBC]



-CBS projection

-West Virginia

-Arch A. Moore, Jr.




-Richard B. Ogilvie

-Daniel Walker


An unknown person left at an unknown time before 8:24 pm.

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