Date: December 4, 1972

Time: 8:23 pm – 8:32 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Col. Richard T. Kennedy.

Vietnam negotiations

-Message to Henry A. Kissinger


-Option Two

-Break off of talks

-North Vietnamese responsibility

-Explanation for record

-Political issues

-Reneging on meaning of agreement

-Translation problem

-Military issues

-North Vietnamese forces in South Vietnam

-Possible television [TV] statement by the President


-Kissinger’s return

-US bombing

-The President’s view



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Dec.-07)

-Possible conversation with Kissinger

-North Vietnamese publicity

-Briefings by Kissinger

-Blame on North Vietnam

-Recent call from Kissinger



-Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China [PRC]

-Message to Kissinger


-The President’s possible actions


-Hanoi-Haiphong complex





-Break off

-Kissinger’s return

-North Vietnamese publicity

-Briefing by Kissinger

-Possible TV statement by the President

-Compared to the President’s Cambodia and May 8, 1972 statements

-Public hope for success



-Soviet Union


-Domestic front