Date: January 4, 1973

Time: 8:46 am – 8:50 am

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Charles W. Colson.

[See Conversation No. 833-4]

Colson’s forthcoming meeting with Edward Bennett Williams

-Jeanne L. Dixon

-Conversation with Rose Mary Woods

-Williams’s recent letter to the President

-Williams’ letter to the President



-The President’s support of the Washington Redskins

-Regards for 1973


-1972 election





-Washington Post



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Oct.-07)



-Williams’ letter to the President

-Williams’ recent call to Colson

-Colson’s schedule

-Meeting with the President

-Message for Colson’s secretary

-[New York]

-Cooperation with Washington Post

-Williams’ tax returns


-Washington Post


-Washington Post


-Embarrassment of the President

-The President’s relationship with Williams

-Counsel for Joseph McCarthy


-Williams’ ability as lawyer

-Williams’ role