Date: March 17, 1973

Time: 1:42 pm-1:52 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Wilbur D. Mills.

[See Conversation No. 882-12B]

Mills’ health

-Dr. W. Kenneth Riland

Economic policy

-President’s conversation with Peter M. Flanigan

– 105 –


Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept-09)

-George P. Shultz’s schedule

-Cabinet meeting

-Mills’ schedule

-Tax law revisions

-Administration proposals

-Shultz’s testimony

-Parochial school aid

-Property tax for the elderly

-Minimum tax

-Priority of trade legislation

-Ways and Means Committee’s schedule

-Trade and taxes

-Shultz’s testimony

-Edward Coyne

-Statement by President




-Balance of payments


-Food prices


-Clothing prices

-Effect on average citizen

-World economy

-US rate compared to other countries

-Great Britain, West Germany, Japan, France

-European investment

-Reinvestment in US

-Possible solutions

-Tax on interest

-Balance of payments


-President’s schedule

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Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept-09)

-Bipartisan leadership meeting on trade

-Carl B. Albert

-Gerald R. Ford

-Shultz’s testimony

-Tax law revisions


-Difficulties discussed

-Mills’ appearance on Meet the Press

-Need for reform

-President’s domestic program

-Need for strength

-Compared to foreign achievements

-US competitiveness