Date: March 2, 1973

Time: 9:24 am-9:27 am

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Patrick J. Buchanan.

[See Conversation No. 414-9]

Preparation for President’s press conference

-Memorandum for President

-Ronald L. Ziegler


-Henry A. Kissinger

-Monetary situation

-George P. Shultz


-Prisoners of War [POWs]

-L. Patrick Gray, III


-Maurice H. Stans’s fundraising

-Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] investigation

-Committee to Re-elect the President [CRP]

-Indians at Wounded Knee

-Hostage release

-President’s position

-Vietnam settlement

-Pan’s agreement

– 19 –


Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept-09)


-Wage and price controls

-5.5 percent wage guideline

-Revenue sharing

-Governors’ support

-Martha Beall Mitchell

-Jill E. Ruckelshaus

-Women’s liberation

-William D. Ruckelshaus

-“Gloria Steinem of the Republican Party”

-Golda Meir’s visit

-Gray’s testimony

-Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]

-Martha Mitchell

-John N. Mitchell


-President’s position

-Monetary situation