Date: March 2, 1973

Time: 9:31 am-9:38 am

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Kenneth R. Cole, Jr.

[See Conversation No. 414-12]

Revenue sharing

-President’s conversation with Patrick J. Buchanan

-Press conference question

-Governors’ opposition

-Special revenue sharing



-Prospect for success



-Funding to cities and states


-Governors’ opposition



-Milton J. Shapp

-State losses in revenues

Veto of Rural Water and Sewer Bill

-Mandatory spending

-Switch in votes

-Congressional override

-Constituency’s influence

Other vetoes

-Vocational Rehabilitation

-Effect on budget

– 21 –


Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept-09)

-Pocket veto

-Senate vote count

-Veterans legislation

-John D. Ehrlichman

-Rural Electrification Administration [REA]

-Rural Water and Sewer Bill