Date: March 11, 1973

Time: 10:03 am-10:19 am

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman.

Gridiron dinner


-George S. McGovern

-Praise of speech

-$1,000 welfare plan


-Reaction of attendees

-George H.W. Bush





-[First name unknown] Bramen [?]

-Rhode Island

-Bramen’s reaction

-Morale of attendees

-Special guests

-Prisoners of War [POWs]

-Air Force enlisted man, officer, Foreign Service


-Audience response

-John Phillip Sousa

-“Stars and Stripes Forever”


– 53 –


Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept-09)

-McGovern’s speech

-End of Vietnam War

-Vice President Spiro T. Agnew’s speech

-Commendation of McGovern


-McGovern’s song

POW release

-H. Ross Perot


-Welcome for POWs

-Leslie T. “Bob” Hope

-White House function

-Schedule change

-Press relations

-Sammy Davis, Jr.

-Col. Robinson Risner [?]

-Importance of timing

President’s schedule

-Cost of Living Council meeting

-John D. Ehrlichman

-Departments’ views

-Positive goals


-Patrick J. Buchanan

Gridiron Dinner

-President’s attendance

-Republican skit

-Henry A. Kissinger



-Haldeman’s conversation with Robert S. Strauss

-Opinion of McGovern

– 54 –


Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept-09)

-John B. Connally



-Charles G. (“Bebe”) Rebozo


-Lucy A. Winchester

-Rose Mary Woods

-Women attendees

-Larry Brown

-Audience response

-Comparison with POWs

-Kissinger’s song

POWs’ release

-White House function


-Perot’s event


-Public reaction

-Comparison with football heroes, astronauts

-Col. Robinson Risner

-Perot’s event

-President’s attendance

-National television coverage