Date: March 11, 1973

Time: 2:33 pm-2:39 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Patrick J. Buchanan.

President’s crime radio address

-Press coverage

-Lyndon K. (“Mort”) Allin

-Richard Sharples



-Lynden O. Pindling


-Law enforcement

-Legislative proposal

-Richard G. Kleindienst

-Administration’s position


-Killing of ambassador

-William P. Rogers

-Death penalty

– 64 –


Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept-09)

-Robert F. Kennedy

-Sirhan Sirhan


-New York Times

-Death penalty

-State legislatures


-Administration’s position

-President’s supporters

-Conservative Republicans


-Central cities

-“Soft headed judges”

-Probation officers

-Repeat offenders

Press conference


-Preparation for questions


-President’s comment

-Ronald L. Ziegler’s response

-Senate committee hearings

-Dwight L. Chapin

-Donald H. Segretti