Date: April 18, 1973

Time: 12:48 pm – 12:58 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with George P. Shultz.

[See also Conversation No. 900-18]

President’s schedule

-Rainer Barzel

Economic Stabilization Act

-Conference report

-Gerald R. Ford’s reaction

-Wright Patman’s actions

-Effects of fight in Congress

-Senate action

-Rent controls

-Allocation of petroleum products

-Oil industry

-Definition of substandard earnings

-Exemption from wage controls

-Health services

-Food workers

-Authority to withhold funds

-Disclosure of cost/profit information by Cost of Living Council [COLC]

-Bryce N. Harlow’s reaction

-Trade secrets

-Comparison with Security and Exchange Commission reports [SEC]


-Hearings concerning adverse wage determination

-John T. Dunlop’s actions in 1972

-Ford’s feeling concerning possible vote

-Price freezes

-Extension for one year

-Wage freezes

-Senate vote

-Effect on House of Representatives



Tape Subject Log

(rev. January-2011)


-Rent controls

-John J. Sparkman and John G. Tower


-Senate vote

-Administration’s position


-Business community opposition

-Enforcement of provisions

Emigration of Soviet Jews

-Henry A. Kissinger

-Most favored nation [MFN] status


-Henry M. (“Scoop”) Jackson’s reaction

-Jacob K. Javits and Abraham Ribicoff

-Michael J. (“Mike”) Mansfield and Hugh Scott

-Summit with Soviet Union

-Blame for possible cancellation

-Jewish community


Economic Stabilization Act


-Herbert Stein