Date: June 7, 1973

Time: 7:30 pm – 7:33 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The White House operator talked with the President.

Incoming telephone call

Alexander M. Haig, Jr. talked with the President.

Haig’s conversation with John B. Connally

-Economic freeze

-Cost of Living Council [COLC]

-President’s forthcoming telephone call

Henry A. Kissinger

-Paris peace talks

-South Vietnam


John A. Volpe

-Meeting with President


-Giovanni Battista Motini [Pope Paul VI]’s remarks

Paris peace talks


-Haig’s conversation with Ronald L. Ziegler

-Brent G. Scowcroft’s message

-South Vietnam’s participation

-Scowcroft’s possible telephone call to Tran Kim Phuong

-Scowcroft’s assessment

-Message to Kissinger

-Haig’s assessment

-Scowcroft’s possible call to Phuong

-US foreign aid



Tape Subject Log

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