Date: June 4, 1973

Time: 1:29 pm – 1:36 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Ronald L. Ziegler.

[See also Conversation No. 442-21]


-Press briefing, June 4

-Gerald L. Warren


-John W. Dean, III

-Subpoena of logs

-Forthcoming testimony

-Other announcements

-Columns, June 4

-William L. Safire

-Joseph W. Alsop

-President’s meetings with Dean


-Alexander M. Haig, Jr. and Stephen B. Bull

-H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman

-February 27, February 28, and March 1, 1973 meetings



-Meeting, March 21


-Executive privilege

-L[ouis] Patrick Gray III

-Bugging of President’s plane in 1968

-Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] leaks

-W. Mark Felt


-Haldeman and $350,000

-John D. Ehrlichman’s conversation with Herbert W. Kalmbach



Tape Subject Log

(rev. February-2011)





-Haig’s examination

-Meetings with President


-Executive privilege


-Ervin Committee hearings

Henry A. Kissinger’s trip to Paris


-Ziegler’s schedule


-Attacks on President

-Haig’s comment

-Clark M. Clifford’s statement regarding the President’s resignation

-Paul N. (“Pete”) McCloskey, Jr.

-Lt. Gen. Vernon A. Walters’s memoranda of conversation [memcons]

-Consideration of Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] involvement

-Testimony by Haldeman and Ehrlichman

-Chronology of President’s conversations with Dean