Date: June 5, 1973

Time: 5:21 pm – 5:25 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The White House operator talked with the President.

Incoming telephone call

The President talked with Gerald R. Ford.

[See also Conversation No. 441-19]

Alexander M. Haig, Jr.’s schedule

-West Point


-Ford’s conversation with Paul N. (“Pete”) McCloskey

-McCloskey’s forthcoming action

-Ford’s subsequent conversations

-Leslie C. Arends

-Louis C. Wyman


-Forthcoming action

-Administration response

-President’s statement

-Republican Congressional leadership meeting

Melvin R. Laird’s role on White House staff

-Telephone call to Ford


-Republican Congressional leadership meeting

-President’s meeting with Ford and Hugh Scott

-Possible leak

Bryce N. Harlow

-Role on White House staff



Tape Subject Log

(rev. February-2011)



-President’s forthcoming conversation with employer [at Procter & Gamble ?]

-Conflict of interest

-Possible effect of leak

Congressional relations

-Laird, Harlow, and Haig

-William E. Timmons

-Conversation with Ford


-Ford’s assessment

-President’s forthcoming telephone call