Date: January 5, 1973

Time: 1:04 pm – 1:08 pm

Location: Executive Office Building

The President met with Ronald L. Ziegler.

The President’s schedule

-Freshmen Congressman bipartisan leadership reception, January 5, 1973

-Unknown person

-The President’s conversation with Stephen B. Bull



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept.-08)

-Press pool

-Robert F. Clark

-Frank Van Der Linden

-Linda J. Heffner of Philadelphia Bulletin

-Jerald F. (“Jerry”) terHorst

-Allan Palmer of Oklahoman

-Ann Schmidt of Denver Post

-Edgar Allan Poe of New Orleans Time Picayune

-Fay Wells

-Des Moines Register

-Don Kaul

-Louise Hutchinson

-Chicago Tribune

Press relations

-Ziegler’s press conference

-Vietnam negotiations

-The President’s May 8, 1972 decision

-The President’s bipartisan leadership meeting

-Congressional relations

-US withdrawal

-William E. Timmons

-Prisoners of War [POWs]

-Continuation of war

-Compared to cease-fire

-Cambodia, Laos

-End of war


Ziegler left at 1:08 pm.